Linen Suits Are the Best Bet for Wedding Season

Weddings have snowballed into big ribbon cutting events. Gone are the days in which you turn up, eat up, and go home at a reasonable hour. The happy couple have put on a line-up on par with Glastonbury. It’ll likely be in the middle of the summer. Chances are even higher that it’s abroad (because, in all fairness, booze and food are cheaper and better on the continent). That means, yes, you have to turn up. But you also have to turn out in a suit that makes an effort and yet doesn’t make you die of heat exhaustion. Which is where the best linen suits come in.

Once favoured by old ex-pats that talk of nothing but the ills of their ex-wife, linen suits have seen something of a renaissance. As hot weather gets hotter and menswear diversifies, brands across the gamut have renegotiated the fabric. Which, funnily enough, is one of the oldest in the world with roots as far back as 4000 BCE. Ancient Egypt was big into linen. Read more at Esquire UK.