Loewe Wants To Rave, Too, With Its SS22 Menswear Collection

When fashion really captures the zeitgeist, often it’s completely coincidental. A couple of things happened this weekend that foreshadowed this writer’s experience of Loewe’s SS22 menswear collection. On Saturday, I went on a mid-morning run across London’s marshes, only to stumble upon a rave the size of a small festival. On Sunday, during a stroll across Piccadilly, I watched streets swell with thousands of pilled-up protesters raving in protest of the impact of social-distancing restrictions on the music and nightlife industries. Something is in the air (quite literally: wear a mask). Young people, however, want to go out again. They need to go out again, otherwise they’ll go mad. There’s a dangerous time bomb of hedonism and euphoria ticking away. Read more at i-D.