London Fashion Week Gave Us Lots Of Menswear You Could Actually Wear IRL

Some things don’t make sense. They just are. And nowhere (nowhere) is this adage more relevant than in the warm, bony embrace of the fashion industry. It has followed a regimented calendar for as long as anyone can remember, because that’s how it was in the Olden Days. It always shows a season ahead to allow buyers and press to preview wares before they go on sale, but that was before global warming when winter turned into summer which turned into winter. It kept full collections largely away from the prying eyes of punters, but that was before social media. It presented visionary, larger-than-life clothes that were more emblems of the wider collection as opposed to normal clothes that normal people wear, but that’s before we all (refreshingly) got a bit weird. So where does that leave us? In a strange place. But fashion has always been strange. Read more at Esquire.