How To Look Sharp This Summer Without Going Near A Suit (Or Tie)

by MR Magazine Staff

Kit Harington is a guy who clearly wants to be comfortable not think too hard about what he puts on. He lives in skinny jeans and nondescript T-shirts in shades of, well, black and has some truly legendary hair. So it’s safe to say, he understands your pain when it comes to having to wear a suit to the office or various summer events when all you really want to put on is a T-shirt and drawstring shorts. At the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy yesterday, Harington demonstrated a great style workaround that will help you look polished without requiring you to wear several suffocating layers. It isn’t Vans-level chill, but it’s at least suit, tie, and jacket-free. You just need four things. If you don’t own them already, it’s time to go shopping. The first is a crisp white cotton shirt with a band-collar. Band-collars look elegant and open the door to airflow around your neck. Because the shirt is casual, you don’t need to mess with an undershirt. Second, you need a pair of dark linen trousers, tailored so they hit you right at the ankle. Done right, these pants will feel like pajamas while looking like ½ of a suit. Read more at GQ.