by Stephen Garner

Italian luxury brand Lubiam has signed a licensing agreement for the production and distribution of menswear designer Gabriele Pasini‘s collections, starting from the spring/summer 2022 season.

The collaboration will see the menswear designer work with the CEO and style director of Lubiam, Giovanni Bianchi, to create garments that express the values ​​of both companies, interpreting the eclectic and contemporary style of the brand and the attention to detail that distinguishes work by Pasini.

“I believe that Lubiam is a perfect partner because it is an absolute excellence in the sector,” says Pasini. “Their centenary sartorial tradition is not only capable of guaranteeing the absolute quality and meticulousness that I expect in every detail, but also meets my expectations and vision completely.”

Lubiam’s Bianchi is equally enthusiastic about what is to come, adding that “This partnership does not end with a simple license agreement. It is part of a plan that the company has been undertaking for some time with an outlook on transformation and evolution. This strategic collaboration not only will allow us to further enrich our know-how, but it will require us to measure ourselves in relation to the new world of the Pasini brand.”

Bianchi continues that “the choice to dive into this exciting joint venture originates from the strong will not to let ourselves be stopped or discouraged by the difficulties of the historical moment that the sector is going through. Indeed, in this climate, it is essential to adopt a positive and proactive attitude, continuing to innovate, renew, and strengthen the competitive advantage we already have on the market. We can’t help but be thrilled for what is to come.”