Sant' Andrea
by Karen Alberg Grossman
Luciano Moresco demonstrating the wrinkle-resistance of Sant’ Andrea’s totally unconstructed cashmere boucle sportcoat; fashion from Sant’ Andrea’s 2018 collection.

As is often the case in life, timing is everything. And just when he was considering a career move, highly-respected menswear entrepreneur Luciano Moresco was approached by the owners of Saint Andrews SpA (CEO Pierluigi Canevelli and Commercial Director Gianpiero Banfi) to be ambassador in America for their renowned clothing collection. “The Sant’ Andrea brand is known to be the finest clothing in the world, based in Milan with production in Fano, near Pesaro,” Moresco told MR. “It’s owned by Trabaldo Togna 1840, a world-class Italian mill famous for working magic with their gorgeous upscale fabrics.”

Case in point: Moresco showed an exclusive super 180s fabric with mechanical stretch—incredibly lightweight and wrinkle-free. “The stretch is in the weft only, or else the fabric would bubble,” he says. “It has an incredibly soft hand and performs unlike anything else out there.”

Sant' AndreaSant' AndreaSant' AndreaSant' AndreaSant' Andrea
What’s more, since Sant’ Andrea (corporate name Saint Andrews) does mostly private label for some of the most prestigious brands in the world, retailers who buy direct are getting top quality clothing without the marketing costs. “I’ve already shown the collection to several U.S. buyers and their eyes light up as soon as they try on the suit jacket and recognize the exceptional fabric and fit,” Moresco added. “So yes, it’s expensive but not when you consider the hand-craftsmanship and quality that goes into the product. Not just tailored clothing, it’s an entire lifestyle collection that includes sumptuous knitwear, modern outerwear, and of course made-to-measure. I’m very excited to embark on this wonderful adventure with people who have such a clear vision of the future.”

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