by Stephen Garner

Luigi Bianchi Mantova has launched its new fall/winter 2021 collection and campaign.

The luxury Italian brand notes that this collection is “for the man who has gained the thoughtfulness required to choose garments capable of generating excitement, conveying an ethical culture built out of quality, and translating it into a daily sophistication.”

Born from a desire to make something original and timeless with its fall collection, Luigi Bianchi Mantova continues the evolution of the brand as a direct reflection of its founder’s signature style. The vision of Luigi Bianchi, a young tailor who launched the original label in 1911, can still be seen in the impeccable construction combined with masculine accents and expressive details.

Rooted in a contemporary aesthetic, the range of seductive looks in each product category highlights the essential value of elegance and quality that inspire the design team and its muse, the Italian city of Mantua. Modeled for a cultivated man who doesn’t shy away from expressing his innate personality, Luigi Bianchi Mantova draws inspiration from a timeless approach to form. The designers’ craft is a skill that they work into supple geometries that illuminate a man’s desire to stand out and captivate. The Bianchi family’s vision is as minimalist as it is timeless, placing the emphasis on the man and not the brand.

Lightweight and comfortable blends of wool, cashmere, cotton, and silk, in distinctive hues of navy, green, grey, and brown, are blended to allow for the optimal formula of class and comfort this season. Fabrics are specially sourced for premium quality and catered to suit not only the drape of each handcrafted piece but also the style and personality of the man who wears it.