Luke Derrick: Clothes For Men Who Want To Get Away With It

Luke Derrick doesn’t really remember when he first wanted to be a designer.

There’s no sentimental story of him flicking through fashion mags in WH Smiths aged 12, or stealing clothes from his older brother. And there was definitely no desire to stand out. Coming from a quiet, conservative area of quiet, conservative Oxford, Derrick was a shy mummy’s boy.

I grew up around a lot of stuffy male spaces, with me being quite sensitive,” the 26-year-old says. My way in was actually sport. I was an athlete as a teenager and I started designing kits for my team.”

After coming up with the kit for his rowing team, Derrick got a knack for sportswear and started an internship at cycling apparel company Rapha at 16, just before leaving school. I realised you could do a sketch, send it off and it could be turned into a garment.” Read more at The Face.