by Stephen Garner

Lululemon has launched a new product to keep skin hydrated and protected post-workout.

People who exercise regularly know that post-workout overheated feeling. Lululemon’s new “Super Fine Face Mist” was created to hydrate, mattify, soothe, and protect skin after a sweaty session, all in a spritz.

Super Fine Face Mist is designed to address several issues. During a sweaty workout, skin loses moisture, overheats, and can become prone to breakouts.

It is also designed to give an instant hydration boost to dehydrated post-workout skin. Activated charcoal mattifies (so skin glows instead of shines) and helps keep skin clear. Plant-based ingredients, like Irish moss, form a protective barrier against environmental stressors like pollution and blue light. You can use Super Fine Face Mist before or after you moisturize or apply makeup—anytime you need an extra dose of hydration for your skin.

Super Fine Face Mist’s full-size bottle retails for $24 and travel size for $12, and is now available in select Lululemon stores and online at