by Stephen Garner

Luxury Men’s Apparel Group (LMAG) has launched a new division and new manufacturing plant dedicated to continuing the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical professionals – an initiative the company began in the early days of the pandemic in response to domestic shortages.

Called Samuelsohn Medical, the new division will fulfill an order for the Canadian Department of Health to produce 2 million medical gowns and has already delivered 200,000 gowns to the department of health in the Province of Quebec. In addition, the company is adding automated surgical mask making capabilities in the coming weeks. In order to maintain a steady pace of production while resuming manufacturing of its tailored clothing as stores reopen, the company has established a new manufacturing facility in Montreal dedicated to PPE. The new division will create 85 additional jobs working in 150,000 square feet to produce 25,000 gowns a week.

The company’s Rochester factory was quick to pivot and has produced tens of thousands of masks made with SMS material in response to requests from local hospitals and businesses. The company intends to follow the lead of its Canadian sister company with the introduction of Hickey Freeman Medical on a dedicated floor of its iconic Rochester factory.

“We are experts with deep artisanal and technical knowledge in the niche business of high-end custom clothing,” said Stephen Granovsky, CEO of LMAG. “The unexpected, overnight disruption to our business due to the coronavirus pandemic led us to find ways to apply our highly skilled manufacturing knowledge to new business opportunities and mitigate the effects of a volatile global marketplace. The need for domestically produced PPE remains unabated in order to replenish stockpiles and prepare for the coming fall and winter and beyond. We intend to be a leader in this field.”

“We worked around the clock to identify a location, hire skilled workers, and outfitted an appropriate facility in a short four weeks – all the while applying the necessary protocols to ensure the safety of our teams,” added Alan Abramowicz, president and COO of LMAG. “Our swift action is providing an important revenue stream while the North American retail landscape slowly rebuilds to pre-crisis levels.”

This new division will also make luxury fashion masks for the general public and allows the company to expand its portfolio to product categories that are currently in high demand.

The luxury masks for non-medical use are patterned and tailored to the high standards of the premium custom clothing made in its Montreal facility. Designed with sustainability in mind, the masks are crafted using excess fabric from the production of its custom and ready-to-wear shirting collection. The washable mask is 100 percent Egyptian cotton and woven in Italy. An interior pocket holds a replaceable SMS filter.