by Brian Lipton

lswopLSWOP, a new online sneaker subscription service that offers men an innovative way to enjoy luxury sneakers, will officially launch today, September 12.

For a flat monthly fee, members can choose from a variety of LSWOP packages to meet their needs, based on number and duration of rentals they desire. In turn, they will gain access to a rare collection of sneakers featuring internationally renowned designers such as Valentino, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

Deliveries will be sent to each customer’s door, usually within three business days. Rentals can last up to four days, and free shipping is provided both ways. Packages ranges from $150 to $450 per month.

“I believe in creating style as art, and clothing can be a medium to express something unique to the world,” said the company’s co-founder and creative director Jonathan Escoffery. “LSWOP is an intelligent option for men who want to elevate their sneaker collection with minimal investment.”