M. singer teams up with standard showroom on new wholesale strategy

by Stephen Garner

M. Singer has teamed up with Standard Showroom to expand its footprint with men’s specialty stores across the country.

Matthew Singer, co-founder and creative director of M. Singer, tells MR that he ended relationships with his department store accounts right before the pandemic took hold in the U.S., with the goal of truly becoming a specialty store-focused brand.

As a result, Singer says his business may be much smaller, but shifting focus this way towards specialty retailers, left the brand less vulnerable when COVID-19 hit and stores were shutting down. And, with his supply chain remaining 100 percent made in the USA, Singer says that the brand was able to pivot production based on need.

“This conversation between Jessica Rush, the head of Standard Showroom, and myself started back in February during the Chicago Collective,” says Singer. “We were looking for a partner that understood our business and how we want to go about doing business in the future. And, we believe she is the perfect person to help us in this regard.”

“With trade shows being rescheduled and some canceled, it’s is the perfect time to extend our reach with Jessica and Standard Showroom, and connect with our existing relationships,” Singer adds. “With the spring/summer ‘21 selling season approaching, we will be setting up virtual appointments as well as in-store visits. We have not confirmed participation in any shows as of now.”

“We at Standard Showroom are excited to begin a partnership with M. Singer,” says Rush. “When we started Standard Showroom, we were seeking brands that match our personality and values. Based on the style, comfort, and quality that M. Singer offers, we felt it was the perfect fit. Matthew and Geoffrey are veterans in the business and have always had their pulse on the market. We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership and relationships within the industry.”


  1. Hey Matthew,
    Right on man, you have your finger on the pulse and pivoting nicely.

    Lot’s of good luck.


  2. i love both of you and your wonderful paint store approach to your business hahahaha congrats !!!!! need to talk please called couple times !!!!

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