by Stephen Garner

Who needs to wear pants in Zoom-land? Virtual face-to-face meetings launched the season’s waist-up dress code. This might not be the reason why M1992 is dropping a seven-look collection for spring/summer 2021, favoring the shirt and chain jewelry. However, it’s a given that not wearing pants can be liberating.

A sense of freedom is also suggested by the bot-inspired statement prints that have become synonymous with the brand and that guarantee conversational triggers, from the recognition of Fake News to the Brainwash wavy slogan that feels psycho witty and Insta provocative. If you are not into prints, you might go for the solid green screen option designed to project your own deep feelings through images that can also be replicated on Tik Tok and Instagram Stories.

The structure of the shirt follows that of ‘90s hardcore concert merchandise in terms of materials such as viscose and light nylon, sensitive to color and prints. Short-sleeved and boxy or featuring formal necklines, they have all the signs and iconography of the present, to be worn strictly with classic cigarette pants in the colors of British-mod imagery and polished loafers.

For this collection, designer Dorian Tarantini explored the human subconscious, the brain and its post lockdown downturn, data collection, and subliminal messages from the web.

Shall we suggest brainwash as a proper treatment? Or do we consider our brains already washed out by fake news and uncertain transparency? Have we now become so used to being lied to and manipulated, that the whole fake news and brainwash situations simply fly over our heads as part of a permanent log in?

There are certainly several methods of treating phobias and inner noise. M1992 shirts and its collection of massive chains with enameled plates will not save you, but they will help you to express your deepest feelings and subconsciously get ready for that majorly sought-after uniqueness.