by Stephen Garner

Macaulay Culkin has been the face of the holiday season since 1990. This November, Culkin is back in action offering his hilarious and mischievous point of view on the seasonal festivities with a new partnership with Swedish lifestyle brand Happy Socks.

The campaign portrays Culkin stroking his pet iguana while smirking at the camera, wearing his best ugly sweater and his favorite Happy Socks. During a sequence of classic but cringy poses, Culkin quips “You know, every day is a holiday – except for, the holidays”. Before going out with a bang – by blowing up a garden gnome – he proclaims that he’s really “getting too old for this s**t”. Kevin! is alive and well.

“Both Happy Socks and I have really good taste in spokesman,” said Culkin. “But yeah, Christmas is my time of year. I get recognized 10x more between the months of November and January. I have no idea why!”

“It’s not really the holidays unless there are socks under the tree, and Macaulay is on the TV screen,” added Viktor Tell, co-founder and creative director of Happy Socks. “So, we put the two together creating this weird and wonderful seasonal delight!”