by Stephen Garner

In its new marketing campaign, Mack Weldon introduces its “Daily Wear System” – the handle the brand will now use to describe how its tech-forward essentials are designed to work together. “When men can look great with minimal effort, they have time to focus on the things that matter to them most,” said Talia Handler, Mack Weldon’s newly hired CMO. “This is the essence of our new “Buy Some Time” campaign, launching today and marking our first fully integrated campaign since the brand launched nine years ago.”

At the center of the campaign are new TV spots, developed in partnership with brand agency Bullish and directed by The Perlorian Brothers. The spots showcase how the brand’s clothing works together as a Daily Wear System, resolving into hyperbolic scenarios that illustrate what can be done with the time that one finds when they adopt a radically efficient wardrobe system. From tending to a giant pumpkin in the center of one man’s living room to creating a musically talented robot, there is no limit to what saved time can be used for.

As the brand charts the next phase in its growth, it started by looking at its most essential element – its customer base. “We spent time working to uncover what makes Mack Weldon’s customers tick, what they value, and the role the brand plays in their lives,” added Brent Vartan, managing partner at Bullish. “We found that they value systems – in fact, they have a system for almost everything in their life. That’s a value that Mack Weldon shares with their customers as they design their clothes to work as a system. We’re excited to help bring this connection to light for Mack Weldon and its customer base across their marketing touchpoints.”

“Our products have always been designed to work together, but we’ve never talked about them this way,” Handler continued. “Bringing our new positioning to life via the ‘Buy Some Time’ campaign not only reinforces the value that we deliver to our customers every day, but will also be used as the flywheel that propels our evolution from an e-commerce company that sells amazing products to a true lifestyle brand that also has a robust retail footprint.”

“We don’t want to say that our original mission of reinventing men’s basics has been fully realized, but because of customer demand, we’ve expanded our product range, and now offer a seamless way to dress for work, leisure and play,” said founder and CEO Brian Berger. “This move is the next logical step for us as we continue to grow and become a leading global menswear brand.”


  1. This reflects the changing lifestyle that men are experiencing and that most men’s wear retailers have simply failed to acknowledge.

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