Macy’s Stores Open Thanksgiving Night

by Harry Sheff

Macy'sMacy’s Inc. announced that most Macy’s stores would be opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving night, the day before the traditional start to holiday shopping.

“Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year and brings with it a level of fun and excitement to our customers around the nation,” said chief stores officer Peter Sachse. “For Macy’s, it’s important to make this day enjoyable and convenient for everyone, as our customers search for great deals on favorite wish-list items. Shopping at Macy’s on Black Friday means having the opportunity to purchase the most sought-after products at unbelievable savings.”

The retailer started opening at midnight for Black Friday in 2011 and continued that schedule in 2012. Before that, large retailers like Macy’s would traditionally open as early as 3 or 4am.

Target joined Macy’s in opening at midnight on Black Friday in 2011; last year it rolled it back to 9pm on Thanksgiving. Lord & Taylor and Sears were among the other retailers that opened some stores on Thanksgiving in 2012.

While many consumers like the convenience of earlier holiday shopping hours, the creeping back of Black Friday schedules has prompted some backlash among retailer workers and their advocates.

Macy’s said in its statement, “To minimize the impact on associates, Macy’s began planning early to allow associates the time to review available shifts throughout the holiday season, including on Thanksgiving weekend, and to volunteer for the shifts they prefer.”