by Stephen Garner

Mada has launched Mada Men, a new app dedicated to men’s fashion, accessories, and lifestyle categories.

With partners like Bloomingdale’s, East Dane, and Urban Outfitters to name a few, Mada boasts more than 500,000 products in the men’s category and utilizes artificial intelligence and expert stylists to make outfit recommendations and curate a wardrobe for the male customer. The category launch follows the app’s international expansion to the U.K. and 27 countries in the E.U., and it is set to outperform the women’s category in sales.

Users interact with the app by swiping right to approve a styling recommendation and swiping left to reject them, the experience provides both function and entertainment. To launch men’s, Mada conducted a survey that found potential male customers feel that they don’t know much about style, but want to look good, and similarly, routinely wear the same types of clothes, but said they are open to trying new styles.

Accenture found that 91 percent of customers are more likely to shop brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant recommendations. In fact, it’s been reported that there’s a 21 percent increase in AOV with platforms that provide outfit recommendations. As noted by the Wharton & Verde Group study, men buy and women shop. The focus for this launch is to provide efficiency and ease: two critical components of the male shopping behavior.

Mada’s most valuable asset is the customer’s attention. The average session is 7.5 minutes, an engagement time that outperforms most of the main social media apps (+61 percent over Instagram, +56 percent over Twitter, and +32 percent over Pinterest).

Mada (pronounced Mah-dah) started when one very fashionable best friend posed one very important question: why don’t you just wear what makes you feel most like you? As a result, founder Madison Semarjian went into a deep dive to uncover the profound effect that clothing has on the wellbeing of the psyche, and how what one wears affects how they show up in the world. Through research, the Mada team came to what should’ve been an obvious conclusion: it’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel. After four years the team launched the native app, Mada, in January 2020. Mada uses proprietary artificial intelligence and human tastemakers to instantaneously recommend personalized outfits, all available for purchase through a universal checkout.