‘Made In Bangladesh’ May Soon Mean Your Clothing Is Much More Sustainable

If you’re a fast fashion lover, there’s a good chance that many of the clothes in your closet are made in Bangladesh. For decades, the country has been a hub of low-wage garment manufacturing. But soon, it may be known for something else as well: recycling. Last week, fast-fashion brands that manufacture in Bangladesh—including H&M and Target—joined forces to create an ambitious clothing recycling system in the country. The initiative was spearheaded by the Global Fashion Agenda, a Danish sustainability nonprofit, and what sets it apart from other recycling efforts is that it brings together many players in the fashion industry, from brands to enormous factories to companies building cutting-edge recycling technology. Collectively, these organizations want to make Bangladesh a leader in apparel recycling. And it makes sense: The country is the second-largest clothing producer in the world and has particular expertise in fast fashion. Read more at Fast Company.