by Society Picks

SOCIETY PICKS is a weekly profile of some of the brands that will be
making their debut at the
SOCIETY for International Menswear trade fair
Sunday, July 17th and Monday, July 18th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC

Majestic International
If you have ever stayed in a Fairmont Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Wynn Hotel or traveled on a Princess Cruise, you’ve probably worn Majestic International, they provide all of these luxury properties. They also create beautiful loungewear, including a robust groom’s silk boxer business as well as activewear, and serve as the licensee to many top brands. Over the past 90 years they have grown and evolved into the quintessential lounge and active company and even though the past year has seen more people working from home all day in loungewear, they like to say “they are in the 5:00 to 9:00 business”.

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