Maluma is men’s fashion’s hottest new muse

by MR Magazine Staff

Oh baby! It’s the breakout season of Maluma. The Colombian singer is a part of a Latin reggaeton boom that has captured fashion’s imagination in the last year. In the new well-dressed Latinx crowd that includes trap rapper Bad Bunny (known for his funky overalls and cheeky short shorts) and the logo-loving singer J. Balvin, Maluma stands out with his brooding sensuality and risk-taking fashion smarts. Much like his intoxicating gruff sound, the singer’s style has its own distinct beat. Released in 2015, Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy is widely considered to be his breakthrough album, though it’s arguably “Medellín,” the sultry single, he released with Madonna earlier this year, that solidified his fashion cred. (Fun fact: Maluma was born in Medellín, Colombia.) In the video for the song, Maluma flaunts one of the most polarizing menswear accessories out there: a pair of suspenders. On anyone else, the hiked-up-to-there trouser look would be deeply dorky, and yet Maluma seems to radiate swagger and sex appeal. His crisp white shirt is unbuttoned to reveal a roaring tiger tattoo on his chest and dangling gold “M” pendant necklace. Two silky red ribbons are tightly wound around his bulging biceps as he salsa dances to the music. Read more at Vogue.