MAN Show Paris
by Stephen Garner
MAN Show Paris
MAN Paris / Image courtesy of MAN

The popular MAN tradeshow, which typically takes place in Paris in June, is moving to Copenhagen for the spring/summer 2022 buying season. This season, MAN will host its menswear show alongside the Revolver tradeshow and Copenhagen Fashion Week from Wednesday, August 11th – Friday, August 13th. The MAN/WOMAN shows expect to return to Paris for the fall/winter 2022 buying season.

“The two trade shows, MAN/WOMAN and Revolver, have had a strong, personal and respectful friendship for many years and the upcoming season requires innovative solutions in order to offer our exhibitors the best possible sales and presentation platform,” said Antoine Floch, founder and CEO MAN/WOMAN. “Revolver and Copenhagen Fashion Week is scheduled in August, which is a great window to wrap up the menswear season and at the same time kick off the womenswear season, especially because Denmark and Copenhagen is in a very safe and positive situation taken the pandemic into consideration, meaning, the decision to go to Revolver and Copenhagen was not a hard one to make.”

Running in tandem with both tradeshows, Copenhagen Fashion Week will be hosting more than 30 physical shows this season. An incredible strong row of primarily Scandinavian brands like Henrik Vibskov, Hope, Rodebjer, 7Days Active, Holtzweiler, Rains, Soulland, Lovechild 1979, Stine Goya, Mark Kenley Domino Tan, Munthe, Rabens Saloner, Schnayderman’s, Saks Potts, and Ganni will all be showcasing.

“I am super proud that Antoine and MAN/WOMAN show us this trust,” added Christian Maibom, founder and creative director of Revolver. “We have known each other for many years and share a lot of the same values so it was also an easy and natural decision for us to make. This season is primarily all about meeting, trading, and recovering in order to gain all the best we put on hold before the pandemic. It’s gonna be so good to meet all again.”