Margery Gladstone to exit DNR by Labor Day

by MR Magazine Staff

NEW YORK – Margery Gladstone is set to depart from DNR according to a report on the media industry website and an internal memo obtained by MR. According to these sources, Gladstone will be leaving the group by Labor Day, with the possibility of returning to Conde Nast in a sales or publishing role on a consumer publication. She is currently interviewing within that organization.

In the shakeup, announced by Fairchild Fashion Group’s recently named president, Dan Lagani, in an internal memo to staffers, Jay Spaleta, the current publisher of Footwear News, has been given responsibilities as group publisher to include DNR. It was not immediately apparent whether or not a new publisher would be named at DNR. Ralph Erardy, who had been group publisher of WWD, will be promoted to executive director of the group that will now include all 3 Fairchild fashion business publications. A new publisher of WWD will be named shortly, according to the reports.

It has been a difficult year for DNR, with advertising revenues sliding significantly since January. According to internal comparisons at MR, space in DNR had declined more than 20% in 2007, through the month of June.