Marine Serre SS22 Explores A New Sense Of Optimism Amidst Chaos

For Spring/Summer 2022, Marine Serre returns with a collection that stays true to the designer’s pursuit of interpreting dystopian themes to comment on the current global mood. In the past year, the designer has revealed two short films, Amor Fati and Core, both of which evoked heavy emotions in her directorial endeavors. Ahead of this season’s collection, Marine Serre reveals the bookend to the trilogy films, Ostal 24. The film sets the stage for the collection which depicts a day in the life of a country house. The day begins with outdoor yoga and takes audiences through the house while the daily meals are being cooked, jewelry is being made out of old silverware and baptism is performed using flour. The casts later break out in dance throughout the house in printed silks before going outside to witness another baptism, but this time with cherry juice. Serre appears midway through the short film, constructing a dress out of a tea towel. Read more at Hypebeast.