by MR Magazine Staff

American designer Mark McNairy has launched his new project, mcnairy&co., a brand that reflects the designer’s passion for collaboration and distinctive approach to design. The first collection offers streetwear-inspired meets heritage loungewear pieces serving as a precursor to the more expansive line McNairy has planned.

mcnairy&co. is a reinterpretation of McNairy’s previous eponymous brand, (McNairy was also the creative director of J. Press from 2005 to 2010, and also worked with Woolrich Woolen Millls. He also wrote the book “F**k Ivy and Everything Else,” which was released in 2010.), with the first collection capturing the same spirit McNairy has long infused in his line. The collection is meant to work together broadly and allows for room to mix and match pieces from the line. mcnairy&co. blends sportswear and streetwear, offering styles reminiscent of McNairy’s past designs while simultaneously giving a peek into the future of the new brand. The first collection of playful essentials includes graphic tees, hoodies, and sweatpants which feature unique all-over prints, as well as tailored pants dubbed “Droopy Drawers” in corduroy and twill options. Accessories including bucket and trucker hats, socks, and underwear will round out the collection. The second collection, which will launch in Spring 2023 will offer a more expansive range of apparel and accessories including tailored wovens, suiting, footwear, and more.

The first mcnairy&co. collection will be available exclusively online. The new website provides a refreshed and elevated brand identity, as well as an improved shopping experience for consumers. Prices range from $38-$164 retail.