How to Market for Father’s Day

by John and Jake Fell

Q. What’s the best way to market my men’s store for Father’s Day? I have a good customer list but the e-mails go to men. In the past we mass-mailed a gift card to “The Family of…” but it’s very costly and only gets used by my best customer who would come in anyway. Any ideas?

Jake Fell
Jake Fell

John Fell: Rather than send a costly mailing to a big list, identify your best customers and send their wives a handwritten invite and include a gift card. With the money you save, consider an inbound marketing strategy that puts your store’s Father’s Day offerings online and searchable. This costs significantly less than direct mail and will likely expose some new customers to your store.

Social media and content marketing are expected to take the reins for Father’s Day marketing this year. This is not just limited to e-commerce. Brick-and-mortar stores can offer a local, community shopping alternative to e-commerce by joining the online conversation.

We recently posted a Father’s Day online multi-channel strategy on our blog.