by Stephen Garner

Maserati has teamed up with Hiroshi Fujiwara, a globally-renowned Japanese creator and pivotal figure in shaping streetwear culture who is also the founder of Fragment Design.

Through Fragment Design, Fujiwara collaborates with artists from all over the world. Fragment x Maserati is not just a creative co-creation, but Fujiwara will translate Maserati cars through his lens of street culture style for an artistic interpretation of the Trident Brand.

“With the dawn of its new era, Maserati has proven again to be an authentic maverick,” said Paolo Tubito, CMO at Maserati. “The brand breaks its own rules to immerse itself in the spirit of international contemporary culture. Maserati is innovative by nature, powered by passion and unique by design allowing it to embrace inspiration from worlds different than its own, automotive. The collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara is proof of our change of pace and of the brand’s ability to be truly unique.”

”I like cars and I love driving,” added Fujiwara. “When I visited Maserati’s home in Modena, Italy, I found the heritage of the brand very strong, and I got really inspired by the evolution of the front grille of the Maserati cars through the years. While in Centro Stile Maserati, I was mesmerized by the different sketches, materials, style studies and attention to details. I am always into cars, and Maserati is a great partner to work with for my first car collaboration.”

The creative journey started when Fujiwara visited Maserati in Modena, Italy and the Centro Stile Maserati, where all the present and future Maserati models are designed. It was there where the designer was able to study the evolution of the brand with his own eyes, letting himself be inspired by the unique designs, dedicated research on colors and materials, and artistic details which evoke stories and enable cutting-edge engineering innovations. The Japanese designer interpreted various elements which make up the history of Maserati to create Fragment x Maserati where the sports car models of Maserati’s glorious past serve as inspiration for a joint vision of his twist on its tomorrow.

The partnership between Maserati and Hiroshi Fujiwara will realize a limited edition based on a Maserati Ghibli Hybrid.

The official launch of this limited edition will be held in Tokyo on June 24th.