Why Matteo Renzi’s Resignation Is A Blow To Italian Fashion

by MR Magazine Staff

Unlike another recent exercise in democracy—maybe you can guess which one I’m thinking of—the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was the will of the majority of the people. Around 70 percent of eligible Italians voted in that country’s referendum yesterday. And around 60 percent of those voters said No to constitutional reforms that Renzi had stated were so vital to his plans for Italy that he would have no choice but to step down if they failed to pass. Thus the referendum was a popularity contest upon which rested his job, and Renzi lost it. “The Italian people spoke today in unequivocal fashion,” acknowledged the Prime Minister last night as he prepared to honor to his promise. Following through on it has now been delayed at the request of the president of Italy—who asked Renzi to stick around until the budget is passed—but go he most certainly will. What does it mean? Read more at Vogue.