Meet Martine Rose: The Designer Standing Out From The Fashion Crowd

by MR Magazine Staff

A Kentish Town cul-de-sac might not be the sort of address you’d expect to find one of the fashion world’s most influential catwalks. But then, Martine Rose isn’t your average designer. Her shows aren’t scheduled at the glamorous La Scala in Milan or the Grand Palais in Paris. Instead, guests rock up to Seven Sisters Market to watch the show while sitting between Latin American butcher stalls, or to a typical north London street where the residents are all on the guest list. The designer’s locations neatly sum her up: Martine Rose is unlike her fashion peers. Though she may not be a household name just yet, over the past decade Rose’s star has precipitously ascended from an under-the-radar menswear label to a progenitor of the most pervasive looks in fashion, for men and women. Those XXL shoulders that swept the autumn/winter runways? You have Rose to thank for that. Cycling shorts? She did it first. Streetwear sensibilities in a luxury context? Rose was experimenting with that 10 years ago. Even those dad sneakers in your wardrobe are down to her. Read more at Evening Standard.