Meet The Instagram Vintage Dealer Mining Deep New York Ephemera

“My favorite stuff is from businesses that had no place making any clothes in the first place,” says Kevin Fallon. Fallon, 31, is the proprietor of Fantasy Explosion, an Instagram account that functions as a digital showroom for vintage and rare goods, most of which come from—and are about, in ways both concrete and nebulous—New York City. (The account gives its followers sneak previews of online drops of 30 to 50 items each Friday, with the quickest scooping them up via online shop.) Fallon does what many present-day Instagram vintage dealers do, bringing us gems on our Instagram feeds without the hassle of rummaging through racks, or the defeat of walking away empty handed. But Fantasy Explosion is a little different—the best pieces Fallon sells, it often seems, are the ones that shouldn’t exist at all. Fallon’s sentimentality for his city and his keen eye for the bizarre and unloved have turned Fantasy Explosion into a cherished resource for deep vintage heads. Call it Fantasy Explosion’s big bang: Fallon has so clearly defined what old things he sells that he’s now getting into the business of selling brand-new things he designs, too. Read more at GQ.