Meet The Instagrammers Who Try On Clothes So You Don’t Have To

by MR Magazine Staff

Lauren Dix is whispering into her phone in the dressing room of a Madewell — politely, so that her neighbors in the next stalls won’t get weirded out. She’s trying on a mustard yellow, flutter-sleeve eyelet top while her baby gurgles in the stroller behind her. The shirt is a size small, though she prefers it in her usual medium. The verdict? Cute, and true to size (denoted as “TTS”). She decides it’s worth the $30, and when Instagram flips to her next story, she’ll try on another. Lauren is a fashion influencer beloved by her followers for providing a very specific service: trying on clothes at the stores they shop. Lauren regularly films Instagram stories from inside the fitting rooms at Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Aerie, H&M, and Ann Taylor Loft, affordable brands with storefronts across America’s cities and suburbs. She wears the clothes viewers have only seen laid flat online or displayed on the body of a professional model and then gives her honest opinion. Her followers know her exact height, shape, and measurements — 5’7” and a half with a short torso and size 29 jeans — which they then use to judge whether a product will fit their own bodies and ask questions about fit. Read more at Vox.