Meet the Savile Row Tailor Mark Rylance Studied for His Role in “The Outfit”

Actors often prepare for a role by spending time with real-life people who partake in a similar lifestyle or career to the person they’re about to portray. To prepare for his role as a bespoke tailor in the new thriller The Outfit, actor Mark Rylance spent a week learning and working alongside the team at Huntsman. the iconic Savile Row tailoring house which has been making suits since the 1800s.

Campbell Carey is the head cutter and creative director of Huntsman, and in addition to showing Rylance the ropes, he also made the suits for the movie (though, as he shared with us, Rylance lent a helping hand when it came to his.) We had the opportunity to chat with Carey about the time he shared with Rylance, the craft of tailoring, and the legacy of Huntsman, which has dressed some of society’s most esteemed members for well over a hundred years. Read more at Inside Hook.