Meet The Team

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Shae Marcus, publisher

Shae Marcus MR Magazine

A mom of two amazing kids who keep her running in her “o­” time. She LOVES what she does so it never feels like work, and absolutely loves menswear and the people in it. She has been with Wainscot 15 years where she spearheaded the luxury division. In an era of technology, she prefers real conversation talking to great people. She is a self-proclaimed early morning fitness addict. She’s obsessed with obstacle course races like Spartan or Tough Mudder. She loves to travel to new places. Animal lover. Wine drinker. “The beach is my sanctuary.”

Karen Alberg Grossman, editor in chief

Karen Alberg MR Magazine

A Type A workaholic who drinks about 8 cups of coff­ee a day, she’s up at 4:30 a.m. and on her computer by 5:00. She hates gyms and refuses to exercise. Her passion is meeting with interesting people in the industry and discovering what makes them tick. She would be a much better interviewer if she learned to keep her mouth shut and let the other person talk. She doesn’t like change: she’s had the same husband for 45 years, the same house, the same job, the same hairstyle, the same color lipstick… She hates technology! She loves the ocean and swears she was a mermaid in a former life. She loves yoga (but not in a studio, only on the beach). Her favorite meal is a swiss cheeseburger and fries, accompanied by her favorite drink—Jack Daniels and ginger ale. She lived in Paris for two years right after college, where she learned to speak French, drink wine and savor life. She apologizes for all the Facebook photos of Victoria, Max, JJ, Benjamin and Emma, her five beautiful and brilliant grandchildren. She loves hanging out with her 95-year-old mom and all the seniors at Sunrise Senior Living: with age comes wisdom!

Stephen Garner, fashion director

Stephen Garner MR Magazine

He originally started working with MR as a fashion intern and somehow managed to stick around for a while. He loves to travel but really hates flying. He worked in retail for six years before moving to NYC. He moved back to Manhattan last year after a five-year stint in Brooklyn. He actually doesn’t mind going to Vegas. He has a weird affinity for palm trees and finds them both calming and inspiring. It may be his somewhat “southern roots”, but he loves a cup of sweet tea. Oh, and also a glass of wine or a great cocktail. His favorite part of the job is getting to know all of the diff­erent characters in this industry, from iconic designers to brand sales reps, (mostly) everyone has a great story. He will always provide his unsolicited opinion when it comes to style choices. He also maintains that Millennials are not ruining the world.

Karen Azzarello, national account executive

Karen Azzarello

She’s been married most of her life and has had ­five beautiful children and two grandsons (so far…) She lives for her family and works for her soul. She was in the jewelry business for over 40 years and learned that the customer is always right and that service is the key to any relationship, along with good listening skills and a great memory for the details and highlights. She was getting ready to relax and retire when Shae asked if she might want to try advertising sales for a bit. Almost four years later, she’s found a renewed fervor for selling and loves her work. Some might call her a persistent, aggressive, dog-with-a-bone type of seller; she calls it passion. “It’s been a delight to work with the Dowden/Wainscot family but most of all to work with my daughter and my niece. I think I trained them well.”