Do Men Dress Ridiculous Now?

by MR Magazine Staff

The GQ Style Guy considers how history will judge our drapey, Bieber-y, box-logo-loving menswear era. The shortest answer: Yes. We do.

I get e-mails from a lot of guys in their mid-thirties to early forties who complain about the status quo of menswear. They’ve owned 501 pairs of 501s and believe a suit should be the flashiest thing in a man’s closet. They’d answer the above question about our stylistic ridiculousness with a resounding yes, the kids look homeless and confused.

But let me point out one thing to my indignant brothers-in-arms: Unless you stick around as long as Kirk Douglas—the man’s 100 years old—you’ll see maybe two hyper-stylish periods like this in your lifetime. Read more at GQ.