Why Are Men So Obsessed With Sneakers?

by MR Magazine Staff

As with any major formative moment in his life, Jason Coles hasn’t forgotten the first time he fell in love with a shoe. “It was the Adidas Superstar first” enthuses the self-confessed trainer obsessive and author a new book, Golden Kicks: The Shoes That Changed Sport. “Almost 50 years after it first appeared on basketball courts it’s still a fantastic shoe. It was the dawn of a golden age for Adidas and one of the first trainers to cross over from sports to fashion, most famously on the feet of Run DMC in the 80s.” Coles’ love for soles grew whilst working for sports brand marketers IMG, before he set up his own design company. “The more I learned about the stories behind the iconic shoes, the more I became obsessed with them.”  “I was constantly looking at people’s feet, but it started to bother me that the vast majority of people didn’t even know who the Converse Chuck Taylor or the Adidas Stan Smith were named after.” “I found that when I told friends the stories behind their shoes they wanted to know more, and that’s one of the reasons I wrote the book.” Read more at The Telegraph.