by Stephen Garner
Julian Fetterman

Hawthorne has introduced a new broad-spectrum SPF 30 face sunscreen into its range of personal care products for men.

Hawthorne’s newest product is a mineral sunscreen formulated with key ingredients including jojoba, green tea leaf, aloe as well as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It safeguards skin from harmful, aging radiation with non-chemical sunblock that acts as a physical barrier against UV rays. In addition to providing broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection from the sun, the company’s new Face Sunscreen also protects skin from blue light (HEV) from phone and computer screens. It contains no fragrance, is non-greasy, and is hydrating. For best results, use this product after cleansing and moisturizing.

“During the unprecedented past few months, we’ve found that our customers have been more engaged with their self-care, spending more time on trying out new product and evolving their skincare routines,” said Phil Wong, Hawthorne’s co-founder and creative director. “We wanted to make sure we had them covered with an SPF to protect them whether from blue light from their screens inside or UV rays outside.”

Derek & Kyle Wong

“It’s no secret that dermatologists and beauty influencers all agree that SPF is the most important skincare product you can use for your overall skin health and face appearance; however, we saw that basically none of our customers were using SPF unless they were going to the beach,” added Brian Jeong, co-founder and CEO of Hawthorne. “We developed our Face Sunscreen to be the opposite of everything you associate with sunscreen – the white cast, the greasy feeling, the unfortunate smell. What we came up with is a non-greasy, fast-absorbing, invisible matte finish, and hydrating mineral formula that is soft on your skin while strong against damaging radiation. Better still, it serves as a perfect complement to our cleanser and lotion for an easy 3-step routine.”

Founded in 2016 by Wong and Jeong, Hawthorne offers personal care products with high-quality ingredients tailored to fit an individual’s specific body chemistry, skin type, and lifestyle identified by a quick online survey using a uniquely developed algorithm.

Face Sunscreen by Hawthorne is offered in a 2.0 fl oz size and available for $15 with a subscription or $17 as a one-time purchase.

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