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Happy Year of the Rabbit! Following Psycho Bunny‘s first NFT collaboration with renowned street artist Buff Monster, the brand launched the first 50 unique hero bunny NFTs on January 25th featuring iterations of the infamous bunny logo both present and past. Fans of the brand can digitally own one-of-a-kind limited edition art, marking their foray onto the blockchain, encouraging discussion, collection, and trade among followers. This digital collaboration reinforces the brand’s mission of inspiring self-expression, thus furthering the creative economy and expanding the footprint of the digital creative community.

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The owners of the Psycho Bunny x Buff Monster NFTs were granted early access to the Hero Bunny collection as of January 23rd as part of their utilities. The Hero Bunny Collection dives deep into the Psycho Bunny archives. Since 2005, Psycho Bunny has been iterating their iconic logo on a daily basis. This NFT drop is an ode to the evolution of the brand logo inclusive of past logos used on merch and others that have never been seen. In addition to the NFT drop, Psycho Bunny will launch an NFT shop in February featuring merchandise exclusively available for Psycho Bunny NFT holders.

“The spark behind the Hero Bunny collection stemmed from our desire to share the history of our iconic bunny logo with the brand’s fans. While some designs will look familiar, other iterations of the logo have never been seen before,” said Matthew Morein, VP of Brand and Marketing at Psycho Bunny.

“We believe in the importance of customer interactions and see the metaverse as a great way to create meaningful experiences, strengthen our community of Psycho Bunny enthusiasts, and give them an opportunity to have digital ownership over a piece of the brand.”


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