Menswear In The Mission Comes Of Age

by MR Magazine Staff

I’ve been shopping Valencia Street for the last 10 years, long enough to remember when secondhand shops like Buffalo Exchange, Schauplatz and Retrofit were about it for gents looking to up their kit. Denim depot Self Edge has kept the faith with the blue jeans faithful since 2006, but as the Mission has gone from scruffy to chic, the sartorially inclined are now spoiled for choice. Voyager, Taylor Stitch and Le Point anchor the north end of what might be the best shopping street in the city, and as a man heads south, it’s off to the races: Dijital Fix for the design-forward audiophiles, Aggregate Supply for the stylishly rugged. And between Benny Gold, Mission Workshop, Chrome, Azalea and others, you’re pretty well set for high-brow casual menswear. A handful of new shops in particular, however, clearly signal that the appetite of local shoppers just might extend beyond the mid-tier blue jeans, cool T-shirts and thoughtfully crafted Oxfords that have defined Valencia style for a decade. Read more at San Francisco Chronicle.