by William Buckley

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With a history of tailors in the family dating back over 120 years, the Ravazzolo brand as it’s known today was founded in 1959, and Andrea, the youngest generation is helming the business as CEO. I caught up with Andrea to view the spring/summer ’17 collection this week, which has has never looked better, and rarely dressed in anything other than the family brand, neither has he.

Q: For you, how important is style?

A: My family’s company was established in 1959 by my grandfather Giuseppe, who was a very elegant man. He set the example for all the men in the family. I started wearing sartorial clothes at a very young age and I still do, both as tribute to my family’s heritage and because I enjoy wearing them, especially being the CEO of a historic label that exports ‘Made in Italy’ to the world.

Q: Still in your 30s and CEO of an Italian heritage brand – what do you find most exciting?

A: Even though I am mostly involved with the the sales and the finances of the company, I love to participate to the design process. When we create a piece that in my opinion represents the perfect “Ravazzolo man”, I get chills. Especially because at Grumolo delle Abbadesse, where the company is based, most of the work is still done by the hands of our loyal artisans. They approach each single piece with the same care an artist approaches his or her artwork.

Q: What are your favorite Ravazzolo pieces for spring/summer ’17? 

A: I am very fond of our 7/24 Travel line of suits and blazers made of a wrinkle-free fabric that we developed in our labs. It’s perfect for gents like me who are always on the go.

Q: To who or what do you attribute your sense of style?

A: My father Silvano and my grandfather Giuseppe. They are my heritage and my role models.

Q: What is the best piece of style advice you’ve heard or learned?

A: Always look the part.

Q: Every time we meet, you are in a perfectly fitted suit with the perfect shirt, tie, pocket square and shoes. What do you wear on your days off?

A: I love wearing a suit even when I am on an airplane! It’s definitely in my DNA. On my free time though, I am a fan of the Italian spezzatura. I mix fitted blazers with casual pants and informal jackets, that give me more freedom to move.

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