by William Buckley

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The first, but probably not the last former Parson’s student to be featured in ‘Menswear’s Best Dressed’, EFM founder Donrad Duncan spent his early life in Jamaica among a family of tailors and other artisans learning what he describes as ‘the makers sensibility’. Considering a career in fashion, Donrad came to New York, where, at least in North America all major fashion roads lead (sorry LA).


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Donrad worked with Victorinox/Swiss Army to launch their apparel line, and founded/designed active brand Ma.Strum. It isn’t hard to see how those experiences, coupled with a stint at Tommy Hilfiger and a strong relationship with the studio of renowned Italian garment engineer and founder of Stone Island and CP Company, Massimo Osti, would catalyze to become the technical sportswear brand Engineered For Motion. And Donrad is quickly becoming what you could almost call the ‘poster boy’ for the upper end of the category. His style is in perfect sync with the concept of the brand he designs. There is a meticulousness to his dress sense that mirrors the attention to function in EFM garments. Both his reserve and poise present his clothes with a elegant formality, but on closer inspection the materials and functionality of each piece demonstrate their aptitude for hard work.

“To me, having a sense of style means the confidence to express oneself. When it comes to apparel, this can be a choice of fit, fabrics, colors, accessories, etc – but what it really comes down to is knowing who you are and not being afraid to let it show down to the last detail,” he says. “My personal sense of style informs my collections a great deal, as I am very conscious of the body in movement and have an active lifestyle throughout the day. EFM is designed to accommodate this, so I wear our product quite regularly. I think of myself as part of the canvas when building the collection, and imagine myself in the silhouettes and looks.  I let it grow from there until it is a full representation of the brand and its lifestyle.”