Menswear’s Best Financial Investments

by MR Magazine Staff

Financial advisors might tell you to make low-risk investments that will see your money grow slow and steady, but what if I told you it’s possible to buy clothing you love and still make a profit on the tail end? Come, step into my office. Earlier this year, Baghunter reported that a Birkin bag is a safer investment than both gold and the American stock market (also known as the S&P 500). It’s hard to find such an exact comparison in menswear, but there are definitely certain items that, had you bet on them at retail, would be paying off handsomely right now. For the person with the right eye and instincts, playing the clothing market is probably the most enjoyable get-rich-quick scheme. At least if things don’t work out, you have new clothes to wear, right? Besides, you can’t post sick Instagram photos of stock ownership and your 401k like you can a new pair of sneakers. Read more at Racked.