Menswear’s New Shopping Playbook

by MR Magazine Staff

Back in the 1970s, if a man wanted a new topcoat, he had but one road to take: a visit to his local department store—or maybe a menswear shop named “Tip Top Tailors” or “Eddie’s.” Now consider the many paths that John Jannuzzi, 30, the U.S. deputy lead at Twitter Moments, will be taking to find a fall coat he considers a kindred spirit: He’ll scroll the pages of e-commerce sites like Mr Porter and Matches Fashion, weave through the racks at New York shops such as Barneys and Totokaelo, and check out popular resale website Grailed. “I’m into the experience of saying ‘I need a coat’ and then searching endlessly until I find the exact right thing,” said Mr. Jannuzzi. Forty years ago, this infinite sartorial quest would have been unheard of. But today’s environment is much more conducive to shopping overachievement; the various ways you can buy menswear have multiplied like fine angora bunnies. Now, you’ll find direct-to-consumer brands with shoppable social media feeds as well as physical “showrooms.” E-tailers range from monoliths with offerings as boggling as department stores to tiny, sharply curated virtual boutiques. The made-to-measure route offers both traditional tailoring and custom-fit casual wear. And don’t forget the burgeoning resale market which can net you deals on everything from gently used sneakers to Swiss watches. Read more at The Wall Street Journal.