by Stephen Garner

MiansaiMiami-based lifestyle and accessories brand Miansai is expanding on its ‘mobile retail fleet’ this year, adding several vintage units; including a 1949 Airstream trailer, 1965 Piaggio Scooter and 1976 Fiat.

The growing fleet fits in with the always-evolving, nostalgia-inspired journey of the brand, while creating a unique portable shopping experience. What started as great marketing and branding tool has proven to be financially beneficial, sparking founder and creative director, Michael Saiger, to add three new vehicles this year, with five units in total.

The original 1958 airstream was introduced in 2012, and since then has been a hugely popular draw amongst consumers, at specialty events, restaurants, festivals and lifestyle destinations. Last year the airstream made stops at 15 cities all over the country and hit music festivals like South by Southwest in Austin TX, Coachella, Jazz Fest and many more, before heading to the Hamptons for the summer. The Piaggio has already made its mark on Miami, with periods at hotspots including Broken Shaker at The Freehand and Miami Design District.

Miansai Retail FleetThe fleet complements Miansai’s two flagship locations in New York’s SoHo neighborhood and Venice Beach in California. Interested consumers can follow the 2017 tour on Miansai.com, with details on where each unit will be and when.

“The airstream came to life before we had both of our flagship retail locations in New York and California. It started as a great way for us, then a young company, to get experience with retail, without the huge investment of a brick and mortar location,” said Saiger. “The airstream is customized to harmonize with the brand’s nautical theme, including custom made solid walnut furniture and antique light fixtures. The units we are introducing this summer will have a similar aesthetic.”

Added Miansai CEO Barbara Cook: “Our goal is to have a brand presence at relevant events and venues nationally, which we are excited to announce will include locations in New York City, Navy Beach in the Hamptons, and more to come.”