Millennials, Gen X Are The Most Activist Shoppers

by MR Magazine Staff

Aligning shopping with values is emerging as a hallmark of U.S. consumerism, with millennials aged 25 to 34 dominating that trend, according to a report emailed to Retail Dive from consumer intelligence platform Resonate. Gen Xers also make their mark in what Resonate calls activist shopping, especially when it comes to a brand’s ethics. Those shoppers, mostly Gen X women with older children, favor companies “that treat their employees fairly, are honest and trustworthy, have truthful advertising and price products fairly,” and are the largest segment Resonate found. Along with “ethical shoppers,” Resonate identified environmental and charitable shoppers. The first prefer “companies that reduce their energy use, reduce their packaging and provide safe products” and represent about 34% of the U.S. adult online population or 77 million people, according to the report. The charitable shopper looks for companies to donate to charities and support the community and is the smallest segment of activist consumers, about 24% of the population. Read more at Retail Dive.