by John Russel Jones

Have we told you lately, that we love you?

Only 30% of men reported sharing their feelings with a friend in the last week. One in five single men say they have no close friendships. Only 25% of men tell their friends “I love you.” News outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, Vox, The Guardian, and others have been writing about a loneliness epidemic among men for months. To try to help out, Mizzen+Main has launched a brand campaign, Bring Back Male Friendships, focused on male camaraderie. Through the campaign, Mizzen+Main will share imagery, video, articles and more as go-to resources for friendship education, humor, and stories of real-life friendships.

“Coming out of the pandemic where so many of us experienced unprecedented loneliness, it feels like a time where friendships need to come back in a heavy dose,” says Richard Ross, Creative Director for Mizzen+Main. “And with men, we sometimes need help cultivating new friendships and deepening existing ones. This summer, we want to show it’s okay to open up and seek out more guy friends.”

Mizzen+Main has made a name for itself as a “serious brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” For a company that’s flagship product is a dress shirt, this blend of good humor with corporate fashion makes them unique in the menswear world. Because Mizzen+Main doesn’t take itself too seriously, this summer the brand wants to have some fun with a campaign to highlight the importance of male friendships.

“Our brand voice and the level of fun and play we have in our marketing is one of our key competitive advantages,” says Bethany Muths, CMO for Mizzen+Main. “Our aim during the season of summer travels is to encourage men to carve out time with one another. Our summer imagery was created by our in-house production team where you can see the friendship they have cultivated over the years of working together. Both models and crew. It’s unique to see.”

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