by Stephen Garner

In an effort to channel sustainable fashion among the online shopping world of “thrifters,” Momento: The Project has launched its first-ever online collection of 80 unisex designer pieces from Armani, Chanel, Dries Van Noten, Etro, Moschino, Valentino, and more. Many of the pieces are under $100 and will be available online for the first time.

Momento, which recently partnered with and raised proceeds for I AM WOMANKIND for its last pop-up in Downtown Brooklyn this March, is always looking for ways to make sure clothing stays circular. “By giving clothing another life, we’re making sure we keep shoppers and fashionistas as sustainable as possible,” said John James Muller, founder of Momento: The Project. “While we champion and applaud brands creating clothing sustainably, there’s nothing more sustainable than wearing, re-wearing, sharing, and finding pieces their next home.”

From vintage Armani to Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen and Jordache, Momento’s Instagram tagline reads, “Sustainably styling friends since 2020,” launched at the height of the pandemic and sources, styles, and shoots its own pieces on friends.

“In that last year we’ve really seen an uptick in the second-hand fashion world,” added Muller. “I’ve taught several courses at fashion-focused universities and my first question to students is always, ‘Who here has recently thrifted?’ I love watching every hand in the classroom go up. It’s so inspiring to see the younger generation gravitate to the idea of re-wearing and giving clothing many lives.”

As for in-person events, Momento is gearing up for its next two-weekend pop-up at Downtown Brooklyn’s The Maker’s Show at City Point on May 1st-2nd and May 7th-8th.  

Photos by Chris Fucile