by Brian Lipton
Contemporary fashion brand Off-White, and its designer Virgil Abloh, have collaborated with luxury sportswear brand Moncler on an exclusive menswear autumn/winter 2016 special collection, aptly called Moncler O.

The collection is inspired by the fishermen of Northern seas. Styles include long jackets and puffer coats both with fixed or detachable hoods, waistcoats inspired by lifejackets, long and short parkas that are completely unlined and with stitching reduced to the bare minimum, anoraks with multiple pockets, oversized trousers an elasticized waistband and drawstrings made of MAC, a double waterproof cotton, and slightly retro matelot garments in a heavy, pure wool crêpe and scored by deep pleats and French-style pockets.

The new collection also incorporates prints featuring stormy skies, drawing inspiration directly from Scandinavian and Northern American fishermen’s attire. The leitmotiv, an Abloh hallmark, is the diagonal stripes reoccurring throughout the collection.

Another key element is the technological details and fabrics, which include glossy or opaque PVCs with a velvety hand, checkered nylon with a laminate finish on the reverse, heat-sealed polyurethane films, ultra-light cottons printed with exclusive patterns, and waterproof tapes and zips. The Maison’s logo is ever-present in yellow silicone, which highlights the distinctly technical look shared by the garments in the collection.