More Than A Third Of Americans Return Gifts They Receive Over The Holidays

by MR Magazine Staff

Plenty of people didn’t like what they saw when they opened gifts over the holidays. Thirty-four percent of Americans will return gifts they received over the holiday season, a new study from personal finance site WalletHub has found. Out of those people, 68% of them said that they plan to return clothing and 23% will return electronics. One in five will return toys. The survey, which was conducted between January 1 and January 6 with more than 500 respondents, also suggests that people doing the gift-giving aren’t so happy about those gifts, either. In fact, just 20% of respondents said that the credit card debt they took on over the holidays to give people gifts was actually worth it. And just 30% of respondents said that spending more over the holidays makes the season a bit better. Read more at Fortune.