by Stephen Garner
Mountain Khakis

Mountain Khakis is partnering with local charities in the Denver, CO area to lend a helping hand to those that need it most during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With additional free time on his hands, Mountain Khakis retail manager Steve Carpenter, or Carp as most know him, started to work his local magic to figure out ways to support individuals in his community and help drive awareness of the needs right in his backyard. Partnering with two local charities: Denver Rescue Mission and Stout Street Foundation, he has enlisted help from the Denver community to support those that need it most during this uncertain time.

How does it work? An individual calls the flagship store at (303) 505-1566 and purchases a piece of clothing.  Then with the help of the store staff, that piece of clothing is donated to the local charity of the customer’s choice.  The store will also be running special promotions in regard to this incentive, so don’t forget to ask about those.

“In a time where businesses and local communities are struggling to make ends meet, and many are finding themselves in situations they have never been in before, there is no better way to support and help navigate this time, than to give,” said Carp. “The store staff have the time to help and the local community is in need. It is a win-win for all!”

The program, which started this week, will continue as long as the store is allowed to stay open and likely into the rest of the year.  “Local community is like family and they need us right now,” added Carp.