Mules Are Everywhere Right Now, Here’s How To Make Them Work

A couple of years ago, a wave of heelless footwear crept into the world’s best stores. At the same time, Highsnobiety alumni Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas spearheaded a “mulement,” founding the @Muleboyz IG account and sharing their love for mule footwear with the rest of the fashion-conscious world. To those at Highsnobiety, it was clear something was brewing but others questioned the return of the clog. Fast forward to 2021 and the mule is no longer an outsider, with everyone from Adidas to ALYX offering their own versions of the once-divisive style. Despite this, the question of how to wear mules is still a well-googled topic. It’s a fair question, too. If you’ve worn lace-up sneakers for 90 percent of your life, it can be daunting to make the switch. See more at Highsnobiety.