by John Russel Jones

Mundi Westport Group, one of America’s foremost manufacturers and distributors of personal leather goods, belts, travel accessories, special occasion bags, handbags, and more, has partnered with BrandLab360, one of the world’s leading enablers of Web 3 virtual environments and immersive Metaverse experiences, to develop a fully immersive and sustainable way of conducting business that is setting a new standard in the industry.

[Editor’s Note: Mundi Westport creates products for brands ranging from Harley Davidson — whose virtual environment is shown here — to Timberland, Nautica, Steve Madden, Skechers, Tahari, and more.]

Dina Battipaglia, Vice President of Handbags for Mundi Westport Group, shared how the collaboration with BrandLab360 began: “In April 2020, we started looking at different platforms as we needed to change the way we worked due to COVID. We were drawn to BrandLab360 because, at the time, they were the only company that could provide a customized virtual showroom. They created a virtual building with five unique branded showrooms, each reflecting the brand’s values and attitude. This was created in record time allowing us to launch in August Market 2020. Immediately following the virtual showrooms, Brandlabs custom built a B2B platform that allows our sellers or our customer to click on a product in the showroom and see all the relevant product information. From the B2B, product can be selected to “add the product to the assortment.”

Dina further highlighted that the platform has changed and evolved over the last three years. “Our showrooms evolved to Brand Shops, on a street in the Mundi Metaverse. We and our customers can select products from those shops to ‘add to assortment.’ Those assortments can be viewed in real time, in a customized room built for a specific customer using their own fixtures.

“Additionally, we now have a fully integrated ATS functionality which allows us to see our product availability in real time and allows us to filter those products by multiple attributes. For example, all medium, black, crossbody bags that fit a laptop.”

Mundi Westport Group President Kevin Ross said, “We want to be able to move to where we are hybrid in our showrooms allowing our customers the ability to see the product line and at the same time to build their assortments by utilizing the BrandLab360 virtual store.” The hybrid store will provide an immersive and powerful experience for customers, showcasing products in the space, like an interactive theater.

Dan O’Connell, co-founder of BrandLab360, says, “Working with the team at Mundi Westport has been a real pleasure. They are pioneering in the way they have embraced technology and they have perceptively analyzed the future of wholesale showrooms. Together we have built the most advanced end-to-end solution in the world.

“They have utilized our world-leading Metaverse platform so that reps and buyers can walk around in photo-realistic VR showrooms and visually create assortments in real time. We have also built and integrated the most advanced b2b ordering platform system in the world so that all stakeholders have an enjoyable and frictionless buying experience. By some distance, it is the most cutting edge digital showroom solution that’s ever been built, and we are proud to partner with Mundi Westport to push the boundaries of tech solutions in the industry.”